New Arrow Tattoo Designs 201

One of the most frequently seen detail in Modern tattoo styles 2017 is arrow. The geometric style of arrow turned it into one of the best peeks for stylish tattoo and today we are going to talk about the hottest arrow tattoo designs. Moreover, we will find out the meaning of arrow tattoo and where to wear it best.

Arrow is a traditional Native American symbol that has different meanings. Plus, the meaning of arrow can change depending on the way it is pictured. For instance, a solitary arrow symbolizes protection from danger. It can also mean movement in a certain direction.

Two arrows that point different directions symbolize war. If the arrows are crossed, tattoo symbolizes friendship. A broken arrow tattoo symbolizes peace or the past war. Five arrows pictured together symbolize strength.

Besides of the above mentioned meanings, an arrow tattoo symbolizes direction, flight, power, masculinity and goals that you have in your life. At last, arrow symbolizes love (just remember Cupid and his arrows) and wearing an arrow tattoo means Cupid has hit you with an arrow of love.

Modern Tattoo style is all about geometric lines and dotwork. Arrow is a perfect one to have both of these oh-so-popular tattooing styles. Those think fine lines combined with gradient dots and geometric symbols look so fantastic. Plus, arrow tattoo will look gorgeous on any part of body even if you get a tiny arrow tattoo behind ear or on your finger.

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