Hilarious, crazyyy :) If you live in Live in China dont worry what you are wearing :)

Living in China I tend to come across some of the most ridiculous things. I wanted to share my experiences with my friends all over so I started an Instagram @shanghaiobserved to share daily photos of Shanghai: #dailyshanghaiphoto.

It quickly turned into something people all over could relate to and I started to get submissions from lots of different people. My feed consists of all the strange things I see on a daily basis. Here is a collection of my favorite pieces of clothing and accessories.


My daughter did some modeling in Japan when she was a toddler. The clothing company dressed one of the little boys in the same shoot as her in a t-shirt that has an image of a peanut butter cup and it said “peanut butter MF” (but spelled out). The boy’s mom asked them to use a different shirt, but when the magazine came out, they’d found a little boy whose parents apparently approved. Yikes!

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